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How to Change Your Address and Moving Tips.

Hire a Moving Company

Some people will try to load everything that they own into a moving van on their own or with the help of a few kind friends or family members. However, if you have the foresight to think through just how daunting and potentially dangerous this can be to you and to your friends or family members, you may decide to hire movers to help you. 

A professional moving company will assist with the transportation of your boxes, heavy furniture and more. They will navigate your belongings through doorways as well as up and down stairs. More than that, they will use techniques, equipment and moving supplies necessary to safeguard your belongings from damage. If you have decided to find a moving company to hire, use these valuable tips to guide your efforts.

Understand Different Types of Moving Services

You may think that all movers are the same, but this is not the case. Some moving companies simply providing the manpower on moving day, and you will still need to rent a moving van or truck. You also will need to drive this truck to your new home. Other moving companies bring a van and moving supplies, but they do not assist with packing, unpacking, appliance connections and more. Still others offer a full range of services, including appliance connections, furniture assembly, storage, car transportation and more.

Request Competitive Written Quotes

While it is important to find the moving companies that offer the right combination of services for your specific needs, it is equally important to find the best overall value for your money. Avoid making assumptions that a more affordable written quote will yield poor service and that a more expensive quote will yield better service. Instead, only request written quotes from companies that have exceptional consumer reviews online. When you take this step, you can more confidently choose the lowest written quote that you obtain. Only make a reservation with a company that offers a concrete written quote.

Follow Your Moving Company’s Packing Recommendations

It may have been several years or longer since your last relocation. While you may be somewhat familiar with the process and what to expect, it is helpful to request recommendations and tips from your moving company. Some moving companies specifically require you to disconnect appliances or to take apart furniture before they arrive, and others prefer to do this themselves. By understanding their recommendations and requirements, you can be well-prepared on moving day.

Hiring a moving company to help you on moving day is a smart idea, and some moving companies can also assist you before and after the transportation of your items for an additional benefit. Because there are so many variations in services and rates, it is critical that you carefully explore all of the options. With thorough research, you can find a reputable moving company that offers the types of services that you need at a reasonable rate. Remember to schedule service at least a few weeks in advance for a local move and at least a month in advance for a long-distance move.